Cooperation between the IFIMES and GBAA

VIENNA/LJUBLJANA, 19 February 2017 – In the Austrian capital, a cordial MoU has been concluded between the International institute for Middle East and Balkan studies (IFIMES) and Bosnian Academic Association (GBAA- Gesellschaft Bosnischer Akademiker in Österreich) about a cooperation in the scientific, educational and cultural field. The MoU has been signed by the GBAA Association President Dipl. Ing. Siradj Duhan and the IFIMES Director Dr. Zijad Bećirović. The Bosnian Academic Association serves as a clearing house for all similar Bosnian associations and guest works clubs in the Republic of Austria – country that numbers over 200.000 Bosnians and Herzegovinians of different migrant generations. The long-time president of the GBAA Association was a most decorated contemporary Bosnian writer prof. Dževad Karahasan. For some 15 years, the Association’s member of honour was – among others – the world known Simon Wiesenthal and Pavo Urban.

The IFIMES will support and expertise the GBAA in its daily work, strengthening its international outreach – all aimed at to improve the overall position of Bosnians as a still-unrecognized minority in Austria.

Vienna/Ljubljana, 19 February 2017